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3 Marketing Questions To Ask Your Agency

Whether you are looking to hire a new marketing employee, consultant or agency, it’s important to understand what  ‘marketing’ means for your business and industry. This will enable you to find a well-equipped agency or person to conquer your marketing goals. Typically, marketing involves identifying your brand’s values, promotions online and offline, print and online advertising, market research, communications strategy and content creation/graphic design.  Whether you own a business in the real estate sector or run a new restaurant on Miami Beach, identifying what marketing means for your business and industry is essential. It is particularly important to define before you
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Tips For Growing Your Business With Public Relations

One of the first things potential customers do before they purchase a product or service is research the company’s brand online. One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your brand’s online presence is through digital marketing and public relations. Having a proactive public relations strategy in place is essential to promoting and controlling the messages about your business. This will ultimately lead to a favorable and positive brand reputation. Many small and medium-sized business owners question whether they should use their business dollars on advertising or public relations. Since Americans are inundated with ads every waking hour, they subconsciously filter
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