6 PR Tips To Grow & Transform Your Small Business

If you have a startup or small business, it’s essential to have a PR plan in place to increase visibility and create a positive reputation that leads to increased engagement and sales.

Public relations is almost always the most cost-effective way to promote and grow a business. If you are unfamiliar with PR, you can work with a public relations agency or consultant to define and achieve your PR goals. Good PR takes time, so it is essential that you start working on a PR strategy as soon as possible. To help you better understand public relations, we’ve outlined six key tactics you or your PR agency can implement on behalf of your startup: 

  • Storytelling — Tell your brand’s unique and authentic story. Storytelling can transform your brand from an unknown business to a trustworthy brand that people love, support and buy from. 
  • Monitor media headlines — One of the best ways to get featured in the media is to constantly monitor what digital and TV media outlets are publishing to their audiences. If you work work with a PR agency like Savory PR, they will do this for you and deliver weekly media monitoring reports.
  • Partner with top influencers in your industry — If your business is a fashion startup, find and connect with fashion influencers on YouTube and Instagram. Develop relationships with these influencers and establish clearly defined partnerships that helps them grow their brand with unique content while also promoting your fashion line and driving sales or awareness.
  • Remain objective — It’s important to clearly define your business goals and objectives and tie those into your PR goals. They support each other. When you work with a PR agency, they will help you do identify the best and most achievable PR objectives and measurements that can help you monitor results.
  • Perfect pitches — While it helps to know media professionals, as many publicists at PR agencies do, as a business owner, you can get to know them as well if you have the time. Once you have an open dialogue with them, perfect your pitch so it is interesting and unique. 
  • Craft creative and compelling pitches — This is one of the most important PR tips you can follow; you must get creative when strategically working towards earning positive press placement. A creative PR agency can work with you in developing interesting news angles that media people will be interested in, while also getting across the core messages that are important to your brand.

Are you ready to grow your brand and expand your business? Do you have a PR agency that is helping you achieve your goals? Work with the PR professionals at Savory PR and schedule a complimentary new-client consultation today! Email us to schedule an appointment: Samantha@Savory-PR.com

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