How To Determine if Your Business is Ready for Public Relations

Knowing when your company or public brand is ready for PR can be a little tricky. While every founder or public figure may always want positive press, it’s important not to waste time or resources on PR if you are simply not yet ready for attention and eyes to be on your product, service or brand.

If your business is growing, chances are you have newsworthy stories to share with the world and are therefore ready for public relations. PR campaigns are most effective when a brand or company has a launch of a new product or service coming up or new executive leadership appointee has been added to a growing startup.

We have compiled a list of top items you need to check off as “completed” in order to do PR. . . .

Your branding is ready – Your brand is concise, well-established, solid and has all the supporting collateral to promote it to public audiences. This includes a user-friendly website, CEO bio, headshots, media kit, services or product shots and descriptions, logo and slogan, and key messages.

You have the budget – While PR is generally referred to as “earned media,” there are still costs to consider and budget for. If you are not well versed in public relations or do not have the time to manage your PR efforts effectively, setting aside a budget to hire a PR agency is important. You can work with a boutique public relations agency like Savory PR to do you PR for a cost-effective rate.

You have the time to work with a PR agency – In the beginning of on-boarding a publicist or PR agency, it is essential that the founder(s) and/or CEO has time to work with the PR professionals as a partner to clearly identify goals, desired press, and company stories that are newsworthy.

You have news to promote and publicize – Understanding what’s newsworthy and what kind of stories media professionals want to share with their readers is essential to achieving positive press placement for your company or brand. If your company currently doesn’t have any major news announcements, then it is up to a good PR agency to get creative.

You have clear KPI’s and goals – A PR strategy should not be implemented until both the company and PR agency are on the same page when it comes to clearly defining and focusing on key performance indicators and media goals.

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