How To Get Featured in The Media With Public Relations

If you aren’t exactly ready to work with a PR agency and want to oversee your own public relations in the startup phases of your company, we’ve got you covered. As a boutique public relations agency offering more than eight years of experience in New York City and Miami, we can offer some insightful tips to help you utilize public relations to get featured in the media. Check out our helpful list of PR tactics below:

  1. Monitor media trends and seize any opportunity — This is a smart thing to do simply as a small business startup, but it is also important for developing and deploying a proactive public relations program for your startup or small business. Watch all mediums– TV, newspaper, digital, and make sure to keep your eye on what discussions and trends are taking place on social media.
  2. Monitor the competition — While we are a firm that believes in collaboration over competition, we know that it is still important to monitor other players in your industry. Whether you launched a new app or
  3. Curate and create interesting content — One way to attract the media to write about your brand or persona is to constantly curate, create and publish interesting and relevant content. From #BehindTheScene photos to short promotional videos to blog posts, content is still king!
  4. Provide expertise to journalists — We must admit, this is often easier to do for top PR agencies because they usually already have well-established relationships with a variety of media professionals.
  5. Engage with your target audience & the media on social media — It’s important to get your business or brand in front of the right target audience on social media… and do it frequently! If it isn’t feasible for your company to hire a PR agency to manage your social media strategy, don’t worry! You can engage with reporters, potential customers or users and ultimately increase your brand awareness.
  6. Be a prompt problem solver with unlimited resources — Whenever you are working with a media professional, remember that they are generally under strict deadlines and the approval of their editor. Try your best to help them on various stories and offer them all the resources you have. Paying it forward and establishing a relationship with journalists can sometimes be invaluable in the future. Instead of constantly asking the media for things, try offering them different story concepts, information and data as it relates to their beat.

When you’re ready to take your startup or small business to the next level when it comes to public relations or social media marketing, let’s connect! Savory PR is a PR agency in New York City and Miami that offers a variety of services packages that fit different budgets and needs. Email us today at to set up a complimentary consultation.

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