Instagram’s New Update is Here! What You Need To Know

The developers and programmers at Instagram have heard some of our pleas and have recently updated the app to feature a few cool new functionalities. One of them includes allowing users to post a photo or video to multiple Instagram profiles at one time. Our PR agency is ecstatic to learn about this news as it will allow us to implement our social media strategies more efficiently, ultimately enabling us to have more time to work on other relates tasks for our beloved tech, real estate, culinary, lifestyle and entertainment clients.

This is positive news for public figures, brands and businesses on Instagram as it enables the sharing of content to be done easier and faster across multiple profiles.

In addition to this update, Instagram has recently revised its algorithm to offer more recent and relevant photos on users timelines which means 1) you won’t open the Instagram app and find yourself looking at a post from two days ago and 2) it will enable brands and public figures to have a better opportunity for their followers to see their content if they have “liked” a page’s content in the past. Furthermore, Instagram users only saw approximately about 50-60% of their friend’s photos and videos whereas now that figure is closer to 90%.

These updates along with making it easy for followers to see the price of e-commerce products make it much easier for customers/followers to easily purchase various products from an Instagram post. In fact, this is one of our favorite social media marketing updates to date! Instagram has also done a great job with IGTV, essentially becoming a television source brands, influencers and innovative companies can create long format episodes and publish it to millions of people. We believe the new IGTV feature helps Instagram compete with platforms like YouTube and will be an important component of social media marketing programs for clients who want to be innovative and competitive.

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