Press Release Distribution Benefits For Tech Startups

As a leading boutique public relations agency in Miami and New York City, at the core of our services, we create and implement customized PR programs that enable our clients to reach new target audiences. While it’s always important that a new startup’s news is covered in the digital media and on social media, there are other supporting PR tactics that PR agencies can use to support a client’s overall communication goals.

PR campaigns can be further supported by having a press release distributed on a paid, credible distribution wire platform like BusinessWire or PRWeb.

A press release for a new business or tech startup can be distributed via a credible distribution wire and reach more than 90,000 media outlets in over 100 countries within a day! That’s a lot of visibility and reach for small startup businesses that are looking to get the word out about their company news and tell their unique story. Paid press release distribution is one component that adds to the overall reach and visibility to a company’s overall PR strategy. Paid press releases are one tactic within a larger PR program that will help impact and elevate your tech startup’s brand credibility.

One of the great features of paid press release distribution services includes narrowing the target audience to the right demographic. When you work with a PR agency like Savory PR, we will get your startup’s news to your target audiences in a variety of verticals including digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, news portals, blogs, websites, news syndicators and more. Other key benefits of distributing a company press release through a paid wire include delivery into newsrooms using a multi-channel network that includes access to the Associated Press, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg and more.  

Additional benefits include online distribution to print and online trade media and industry opinion leaders in up to 200 vertical market categories. Downstream distribution to important for a new company’s search engine optimization strategy and will help you get your company news placed on sites like Google News, Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones, Marketwatch and more.

In addition, when you pay a PR agency to distribute your press release online, it will get delivered to various newsrooms using their affiliate networks across multiple platforms like the Associated Press (AP), Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg and dozens more.

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