Public relations for culinary chefs and food corporations

If you are a culinary chef or food industry entrepreneur, you may want to elevate your business with proactive public relations and digital marketing. After all, you can’t do everything on your own. Finding sophisticated and cost-effective firm’s to outsource your marketing, SEO, SEM, website development, social media marketing and PR needs is a smart strategy for scaling a restaurant and culinary business.

Whether you need a new search engine optimized website or media attention help for a new restaurant launch, Savory PR has experience assisting clients with savvy strategies and tactics that will help achieve all of your business and marketing goals.

First, you must be ready to spotlight your personal chef or culinary entrepreneur brand online via social media and positive press. It’s important to have a clearly defined brand strategy in place when it comes to your public image as the owner or chef at any given restaurant. Content creation and the ability to constantly being able to produce high-quality food photography for your social media profiles is also another major factor that chefs and business owners should consider before immediately doing any proactive PR.

At Savory PR, we have worked with a variety of culinary businesses and chefs to position and promote their personal brands online and through the media.

For starters, we assisted pastry chef and culinary entrepreneur Adam Schihab with a brand new modern and sophisticated chef website. Notoriously known as “Fourberry17” in the digital culinary world, it has become his brand name on social media and on his website. We worked with Adam to identify and develop a beautiful logo that represented the true elegance that his pastry and traditional cooking is known for in his restaurants, pastry shops and fine dining businesses around the world.

In addition, we developed a beautiful and aesthetically minimal and clean personal chef website for Mr. Schihab, which you can see below. Mr. Schihab wanted to have the main focus on beautiful large photos of his most popular dishes and pastries. We encourage culinary chefs and food/restaurant entrepreneurs to explore his website to learn more about the Fourberry17 brand and meaning behind his unique nickname.



In addition to website development and branding, we have assisted Mr. Schihab (aka “Fourberry17”) with social media marketing and management. With nearly 90,000 followers on his @Fourberry17 Instagram page and nearly 200,000 followers on his @ProfessionalChefs Instagram page, Mr. Schihab has excelled at scaling his culinary brand on social media. From interesting Instagram Story Updates to daily posting management, Savory PR has worked closely with Mr. Schihab to organically grow his reach and tell unique stories about foods and recipes that he loves and serves his customers.Β  From graphic design to copy editing, hashtag optimization and influencer partnerships, we have been delighted to work with Mr. Schihab to grow his various culinary Instagram accounts over the course ofΒ  a few months.

If you are a foodie, food influencer or culinary chef, we encourage you to follow Mr. Schihab on Instagram and Twitter for delicious daily food content!

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Most recently, we have started working with Mr. Schihab on proactive publicity campaigns and are looking forward to sharing the work and results. From press release writing and distributing to media relations, story development, message creation and media interview coordinating, we are dedicated to assisting Fourberry17 with growing his culinary brand with flavorful press exposure.

If you are ready to take your culinary brand or new restaurant to the next level, consider working with a PR and digital marketing agency like Savory PR. We love working with chefs and food influencers to elevate their brands, grow their reach and optimize their marketing and PR efforts. Email us today to schedule a consultation: