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Why You Need Earned Media To Grow and Scale Your Business

If you have a new business or brand that currently has minimal visibility or credibility, one of the best ways to get in front of the right audience and establish trustworthiness is through third-party endorsements. Specifically, endorsements via the media, small and top-tier media outlets, can increase your brand’s reach and help get people positively talking about your product, service or message. When you read about a new brand, business or public figure in the media, a variety of proactive actions are generally taken by a savvy public relations agency or PR consultant in order to achieve that press.  A proactive
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What is Required for Successful Long-Term PR?

Publicity is never guaranteed. PR or publicity results almost always varies depending on the client, season and campaign. If any PR professional or PR agency ever tells you they can absolutely secure positive press placement for your brand or business, run for the hills. They are either lying or have a bizarre deal set up with a not-so-ethical writer/journalist. For those of you interested in a long-term PR strategy that constantly builds visibility, credibility and authenticity over the long-term, we’ve got a few tips for you. Experienced PR agencies like Savory PR work with clients as partners to identify their
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