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Savory PR is a full service boutique public relations and digital marketing agency based out of New York City.  We work with a variety of tech startups and innovative app founders to help them develop their brand’s voice and grow their reputation through flavorful publicity and social media campaigns. Our small but effective team is based in New York City with a presence in Miami. With over a decade of experience in tech PR, we offer a variety of PR services that we offer via customized packages to small and large technology companies alike. We work closely with our tech
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Why Elon Musk is the PR Genius of the Twenty-First Century

Public relations and publicity stunts have significantly evolved since the days of Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum, the original publicity showman of the 1800’s whom sadly used publicity tactics and event planning to attract attention to his traveling circus of exotic (and enslaved) animals. While it makes us sad that he exploited people and exotic animals for profits, there are several lessons to learn from Mr. Barnum when it comes to the mastery of public relations and publicity stunts. Back then when there was no instant form of communication let alone Smartphones and Twitter, wild circus shows with fire flames, little people
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What is Required for Successful Long-Term PR?

Publicity is never guaranteed. PR or publicity results almost always varies depending on the client, season and campaign. If any PR professional or PR agency ever tells you they can absolutely secure positive press placement for your brand or business, run for the hills. They are either lying or have a bizarre deal set up with a not-so-ethical writer/journalist. For those of you interested in a long-term PR strategy that constantly builds visibility, credibility and authenticity over the long-term, we’ve got a few tips for you. Experienced PR agencies like Savory PR work with clients as partners to identify their
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