The Instagram App Update That Will Help Skyrocket E-commerce Sales in 2019

Calling all e-commerce and online retail companies!

Instagram Social Media Marketing App Update for E-commerce

We have some epic and exciting Instagram app update news to share that was just published yesterday on March 19, 2019. Have you heard? The photo-sharing platform announced a new checkout option that lets users purchase products and manage orders directly on the Instagram app.

The feature will be initially available to online shoppers in the United States for 20 major brands, including H&M, Kylie Cosmetics, Nike (NKE), Warby Parker, Zara and more. Additional retail brands will be added in the coming months, according to the tech media site,

So, what does this mean for online retail brands and the e-commerce industry? You need to start re-adjusting your social media marketing strategy now so you are ready to implement and scale when the update becomes available to your page.

According to, over 130 million people tap to view and buy from retail product tags in shopping posts every month on Instagram. This data is monumental for startups and e-commerce brands looking to increase their online sales. More importantly, this new figure is up from 90 million people last September, which is serious news for online retailers. 

This means that Instagram has finally made it easier to sell products to online consumers. From a social media marketing strategy perspective, this new in-app checkout button update allows Instagram users to act on their “buyer impulse” right away. As a leading social media marketing & PR agency in New York City and Miami, we’ve seen first-hand how being forced to leave the Instagram platform to complete an online purchase can create an unnecessary and annoying barrier for consumers, which often leads to drops in user traffic, sales and revenue.

Over the next few months, we will be working with current and new retail and e-commerce clients to implement an updated social media strategy to make this app update work in their favor.

If you’re interested in taking your online business to the next level and need help with social media marketing and management, let’s work together! Email us today to schedule a complimentary consultation:

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