What is Required for Successful Long-Term PR?

Publicity is never guaranteed. PR or publicity results almost always varies depending on the client, season and campaign. If any PR professional or PR agency ever tells you they can absolutely secure positive press placement for your brand or business, run for the hills. They are either lying or have a bizarre deal set up with a not-so-ethical writer/journalist.

For those of you interested in a long-term PR strategy that constantly builds visibility, credibility and authenticity over the long-term, we’ve got a few tips for you. Experienced PR agencies like Savory PR work with clients as partners to identify their key stories, values and messages. PR professionals generally know what journalists will care about and want to share with their readers. In creating a launching a successful PR campaign, key attributes are necessary and include creativity, patience, dedication, persistence and established media relationships.

In today’s crowded media space with the likes of Donald Trump and Kanye West dominating nearly every media headline and social media post, you have to have a strong mindset to win achieve successful PR. We’ve outlined a few tips you should keep in mind when approaching a long-term PR strategy.

  • Creativity – You can have the best grammar, media pitching processes and media connections in the world, but if your PR campaign is boring and lackluster, you’re already set up to achieve zero publicity. From the beginning, you should work with a PR agency or professional to develop juicy and intriguing marketing and PR campaign concepts. In doing so, you want to make sure it positions your brand/company in a positive light, entertains or educates audiences while also telling your brand’s story or core values. Make your PR campaign funny, entertaining, educational or sometimes, just straight up sensational! In 2018’s media climate, you first need to capture people’s attention. Then, tell them your story as it relates to your industry, product(s) or service(s).
  • Patience – PR Takes times. Depending on a writer’s deadline and schedule, or the marketing collateral needed to launch your PR campaign, it’s important to remain patient. Achieving a published press article about your company or brand could take a week or up to three months. This is good for the overall journalism business and proves the industry’s integrity. It’s important for both a client and the PR firm to have a mentality that is dedicated to doing a PR marathon rather than a PR sprint. Good PR agencies will have great patience in working with clients and journalists.
  • Dedication and persistence – You must be in PR for the long-haul. Oprah didn’t become the billionaire icon that she is in a day. It took Apple decades to build a reputation for superior innovation and design. Great brands and businesses rarely are built overnight. Whether you are working with a PR agency or consultant, clients should remain dedicated and persistent. Great PR firms are consistently developing media relationships and coming up with interesting and newsworthy story angles for their clients.
  • Positive media relationships – Work with a PR agency that already has experience landing positive press placement and already has key media relationships. This proves that the PR firm knows what kind of stories and content journalist’s want to receive and write about. If you don’t already have media relationships, PR can be a lot harder, but not impossible. Established media relationships and contact information are one of the great benefits of working with PR agencies. They know who, what, when and how to pitch journalists, which usually pay off with positive press placement.

PR should always be looked at as a long-term strategy. You can’t just publish one press release or send out a few emails to reporters and then never follow up while expecting positive, on-going press placement. A real PR strategy is about media relationships, constant engagement, continual storytelling and frequent communication.

Do you have a creative, long-term PR strategy outlined for your brand or business? PR is a great way to establish brand visibility. It helps clearly articulate your company’s values, startup story, services or product proposition and overall mission. If you are ready to get onboard with a long-term PR program for your business or brand, let Savory PR help. Email us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We offer in-person meetings in Miami and New York City as well as telephone consultations. Learn more about Savory PR on www.Savory-PR.com.

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