Why You Should Hire a Book Publicist For Your Book Launch

You’re wrapping up the writing, editing, design and publishing necessities for your first published book– it’s a huge relief to get these important self-publishing duties completed. Next, it is time to ask yourself how you are going to promote and publicize your new book so you can sell it!? Should you hire a book publicist? Should you work with a PR agency? Should you hire a book marketing consultant? There are a variety of options to choose from. First, we always advise new PR clients to understand that books don’t generally sell themselves. Set your book launch up for success by investing time, money and creativity into getting the word out about your new novel or autobiography.

Luckily for your, boutique PR agencies like Savory PR offer cost-effective ways to publicize your book and achieve positive press placement. Public relations campaigns designed and implemented by a PR agency or book publicist is the best way to get the visibility your book needs to sell off the bookshelves! To help you better understand the advantages of hiring a PR agency or book publicist, we’ve outlined several benefits below.

  1. Media contacts — By working with a book publicist or PR agency, you will gain access to key media contacts and media lists. Publicists have personal connections to a variety of local and national TV, radio and digital media representatives. This is one of the biggest assets gained from hiring and working with a PR agency like Savory PR.
  2. Crafting newsworthy headlines — One of the many things that book publicists who work at PR agencies are good at is framing a topic or story to be extremely interesting and newsworthy. It’s a hard task to get the attention of the media, so crafting a savvy headline and press release is essential to getting the job done!
  3. Media relations — This is one of the main tasks that a PR agency will do on a client’s behalf; they will work with and negotiate with journalists to pitch your story or news in an effort to achieve positive press placement. It may take several emails, texts, calls and even in-person meetings with media officials before positive press placement is secured. The best of the best PR agencies and publicists will work with you on media training, talking points, interview techniques and more so if and when you speak to a journalist for an upcoming press feature, you will nail it and stay on brand!
  4. Social media marketing — Savvy social media marketing is an essential component of supporting a successful PR book launch. Your publicist or PR agency can work with you to develop enticing key messages and graphics to promote on social media platforms and ultimately help you build a strong and engaging digital following.
  5. Graphic design — High-resolution and exciting digital graphics are an absolute must when it comes to promoting and selling your book! It’s important to work with a PR agency that can develop beautiful graphics that stick to your core branding guidelines and aesthetic. Great digital graphics also help the media better understand the themes and stories in your book and contribute to landing positive press placement.
  6. AP writing — When pitching journalists, it is important that your book publicist knows AP style writing. For all of your press materials, it’s imperative to write them in AP Style. A good publicist or PR agency will know this and will achieve this on behalf of your brand. From talking points to your biography to a press release announcement, all of these items need to be written in strict AP style.

Are you ready to promote and market your newly published book? Email us today at Samantha@Savory-PR.com to set up a consultation. It’s important to remember that public relations and marketing takes time… selling your book to a global audience traditionally doesn’t happen overnight.  But with a solid plan, a book publicist or boutique PR agency, you can effectively promote your book launch and build the media credibility needed to distinguish yourself as a published author.  If you are interested in outsourcing your PR efforts for your upcoming book launch, our team at Savory PR would love to work with you!

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