Are You Growing Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Efforts With Instagram Stories?

Are You Growing Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Efforts With Instagram Stories? Brands around the world, both big and small, are building awareness and a grassroots fan following through savvy Instagram Story campaigns. If you are not one of the 500 million Instagram accounts not using Instagram Stories, we are here to help you get on board!

According to Instagram’s latest blog post, nearly half of all businesses on the platform have created at least one Story in the last month. Why? Because it is another clever and interesting way to tell a brand’s story and attract attention.

Business and marketing goals alike are being achieved through Instagram’s photo sharing platform via both traditional photo posts and Stories. With a combination of both organic content and paid ads, we have seen clients skyrocket their following and grow both their reputation and sales.

If you are a small business owner or an entertainer and are still new to Instagram stories, don’t fret! Let us give you a run down of some of our favorite Instagram growth hacks for Instagram Stories:

  • Geo-location taggingΒ  — this will enable millions of local Instagrammers to discover your brand, story and correlating product or service.
  • Hashtags — While most people know to post relevant hashtags with each of their traditional photo posts on Instagram, it is now more important than ever to do the same on Instagram Stories! Again, this tactic will help relevant audiences find your brand’s Instagram accounts and affiliated products or services. An example of this includes foodies or people who love eating, being able to discover new restaurants and culinary chefs by following the Stories hashtag #foodie or #cheflife.
  • Stickers – We love Instagram’s extensive database of fun stickers and Gifs! Putting stickers on your Instagram Stories makes a brand’s storytelling more compelling and entertaining, which ultimately leads to stronger brand loyalty and returning customers.
  • Polls – Conduct your own market research on your Instagram Stories with the help of customizable polls!

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