How Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Digital Brand and Business

Pinterest is a social media platform that thousands of brands, entrepreneurs and online businesses are using to drive website traffic and sales. The best way to describe Pinterest is as a visual search engine platform that offers the ability to bring visitors to your website and provide your ad and marketing content a much longer shelf life than any other social media marketing platform. There’s nothing like it when it comes to the amount of online traffic and sales it can create for online brands and businesses. Fr these reasons, it’s important to include Pinterest in your overall digital marketing strategy.

With over 200 million monthly users, mostly being women shoppers, Pinterest is a social platform that offers a serious digital reach for a wide variety of services, information, products and lifestyle brands. Fun fact: nearly 70 perfect of women in the U.S. under 54 years of age use Pinterest regularly, more than half of this activity taking place on mobile Smartphone devices. If you don’t have a strategic, long-term Pinterest plan in place for your business, it’s time to make a change! Don’t miss out on essentially free, if not cost-effective, social media opportunities to increase your online sales, brand visibility and website traffic!

Below are 5 Strategies you or a digital marketing agency like Savory PR can implement on your behalf to grow your online brand and sales:

  1. Pin regularly – Post unique and visually appealing photos to your business Pinterest account. Aim for at least 10 unique custom photos per day! This will engage people and lead them to your products, service and online website.
  2. Link all of your pins to your online website or social media profiles – While Pinterest links don’t offer organic Search Engine benefits to your blog and product links, the platform still drives traffic to your site. This inadvertently increases your overall SEO. The more traffic a site has, the better it performs in search engine rankings.
  3.  Join Pinterest boards – A great way to increase your brand visibility within your ideal target customers or audience is to join niche Pinterest boards that post about similar topics and products as you. If you are selling fishing supplies, find Pinterest boards that are in this similar space and ask to join. You must be approved, but once you get in, you can post quality photos, links and content that will be seen by a targeted audience that will care and may buy from your brand!
  4. Use analytics to evolve your Pinterest growth strategy — Monitor analytics closely to see what visual images and topics are getting the most traffic and attention. Use this data to plan future graphics and content as this will ultimately help drive more followers, visitors and shoppers to your online website.
  5. Follow and get social – A great way to get your Pinterest page and overall digital brand in front of people are simply engaging them. Follow profiles who have similar aesthetics or brand values. “Like” and repin their content in an effort to show support and get on their notification radar. For example, Savory PR is a public relations and digital marketing agency with a focus on tech, culinary, lifestyle, entertainment and real estate clients.  We post a variety of content about ways to use social media marketing to help with business goals and sales for tech startups. In return, we often follow different people who love and pin about tech, social media, AI, etc. Once they see that we followed them, they check out our profile, see our great content and follow us back! This helps increase our reach with targeted potential and current clients.

Every company’s business strategy, no matter what industry they are in, should involve creating and growing a strong digital presence. Pinterest is a great way to support your website and overall digital branding. Remember to be creative, authentic, consistent and flavorful in doing social media marketing. If you don’t have the time or need some assistance, work with a seasoned PR and digital marketing agency like Savory PR to create, implement and manage a strategic plan. Email us today at to set up a complimentary consultation and let us help take your digital brand and Pinterest profile to the next level!


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