3 Marketing Questions To Ask Your Agency

Whether you are looking to hire a new marketing employee, consultant or agency, it’s important to understand what  ‘marketing’ means for your business and industry. This will enable you to find a well-equipped agency or person to conquer your marketing goals.

Typically, marketing involves identifying your brand’s values, promotions online and offline, print and online advertising, market research, communications strategy and content creation/graphic design.  Whether you own a business in the real estate sector or run a new restaurant on Miami Beach, identifying what marketing means for your business and industry is essential. It is particularly important to define before you launch any marketing campaigns.

While you have a plethora of online and offline marketing platforms and resources to choose from when it comes to promoting your product, service or brand in 2017, this also means getting the attention of your target audience may be much more challenging and competitive. This is why it is important to be strategic in all your marketing efforts. Below are a few questions you should ask your marketing agency or consultant in an effort to better understand their vision and how it ties into your company’s goals.

  1. What do you do best?
  2. Who is our target audience?
  3. What is a great example of successful marketing you have completed for another brand/business?