Public Relations Benefits For Non Profits

Every non-profit organization should have a proactive public relations strategy in place if it wants to continue upward growth in supporters and donors. From local and national grants to local individual donors, there are many communication steps that must be taken prior to acquiring active supporters and funding. Public relations is one of the best ways to achieve the necessary awareness and exposure that non-profits require to further their organizational mission. As a leading boutique public relations and digital marketing agency that has worked with a variety of non-profit entities, we have a plethora of insight as to the benefits of developing and managing an on-going, proactive public relations plan.  We have outlined some of the major benefits that a non profit can achieve through public relations:

Communication – When it comes to understanding the importance of PR for non-profits, we like to take it back to the basics. Communication is key to any personal relationship, and that also goes for a non-profit organization and its key audiences. When we provide PR services to non profits, we develop communication tactics that bridge the gap between the organization and its supporters and donors. Consistent, concise and creative two-way communication is key to any PR strategy! So many non-profit boards and leaders are often so busy managing and growing the non-profit, that they forget or don’t have time to proactively market and promote it through effective public relations techniques. This is when a boutique, cost-effective PR agency is a great resource. The benefits of implementing a long-term PR strategy include great and effective communication, which ultimately brings in more supporters and donors in the long-term.

Awareness – Content marketing and email marketing, which are supporting tactics to an overall public relations strategy, via your non-profit website, are essential to achieving positive and consistent awareness with your target audience. From event updates to fundraisers and milestone celebrations, a non profit can consistently achieve awareness through a savvy public relations strategy.

Maintaining old and new relationships with donors, supporters and the media – One of the core aspects of PR for non-profits includes member relations. This requires using a variety of platforms and tools like email, social media, traditional media and your website as ways to constantly engage and communicate with your supporters. It is just as important to constantly communicate with seasoned supporters and donors as it is to target and attract new supporters who believe in and want to contribute to your overall non-profit mission.

Visibility – You may be putting out a lot of great information and content, but if it is not being seen or heard by your target audience, then is honestly doesn’t matter much. Visibility is a great benefit of having and implementing a public relations strategy for your non-profit! On of the best ways a PR agency can achieve this for a non-profit client is through digital, print and other traditional media outlets. From telling a story through the local TV news station to paid promotion of content on Facebook or Instagram, a PR agency can implement proven PR tactics that will lead to achieving strong visibility within your local community. Strong media relationships and effect media pitching is essential to achieving positive visibility.

Is your growing non profit organization ready to take the next step and elevate its public relations in 2019? Work with a PR agency that has experience with non-profit PR. At Savory PR, we care deeply about working with clients whose missions are important to uplift local communities and the world. If you are interested in learning about our non-profit PR services packages, please email us at to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. Learn more about our PR and digital marketing services here.







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