Affordable Public Relations Tools Your Brand or Business Should Tap Into

Are you using all of the best public relations tools for your brand or business? As a leading PR agency in New York City in Miami, Savory PR believes it is absolutely crucial to tap into affordable PR tools for startups and new brands. To help you get the most PR bang for your buck, we’ve outlined below some of our favorite go-to PR tools:

Media Monitoring – Work with a public relations agency like Savory PR to thoroughly and consistently analyze and report on trending news stories that relate to your brand’s industry. Media monitoring is a great avenue to help spark storytelling creativity for new brands that believe they don’t have any newsworthy stories to tell via the media.

Media lists – You can pay large database subscription services like Cision to buy media lists or you can access affordable and targeted media lists through a boutique PR agency who has an annual subscription to media databases. This allows agencies to sell media lists at more cost-effective rates. Most reputable PR agencies already have dozens of updated and targeted media lists for sale. Clients can acquire them a la carte or gain access by working with a PR agency on a PR campaign to proactively manage their public relations. Buying media lists for less than $100 by a PR agency is the most affordable recommended route for most new businesses or brands because it can save you hours of online research and tons of money. Even then, many busy, high-demand journalists do not have their contact information online since they are already inundated with up to 1,000 emails per day. There’s a famous saying in the PR industry: “You’re only as good as your media list!” And we agree; it’s not everything… but it is an important aspect of PR.

Brand audit & analysis – Quarterly brand audits are essential to helping your brand or business stay on course towards growth and positive visibility. You can work with a PR agency to conduct a brand and PR audit, or you can do it in-house with some of your team members. This will help you identify any inconsistencies or lacking areas of your online brand that could use more focus and work.

Content Calendar – This is an essential tool to managing a strategic PR campaign and helps both agencies and clients understand the necessary PR tasks that need to be completed each day as well as for the long-term. While there are many content calendars out in the world wide web, a great content calendar is essential to PR success. We provide all signed clients with a detailed PR content calendar, but for those of you on a budget, we also sell them for $19.99. Email us today to learn how to purchase:

Newsworthy Guide – Savory PR offers an insightful exclusive newsworthy guide to new clients so they learn how media headlines work and understand what media officials do and do not consider timely and newsworthy. We also sell this guide for small fee via a la carte. If you’re interested in purchasing it, please email us for details:

If you are interesting in working with a boutique public relations and digital marketing agency, let’s connect! Visit our services page and email to set up a complimentary phone consultation today:

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