3 Ways a Content Calendar Will Optimize Your PR Plan by 300%

Are you planning a big public relations and digital marketing campaign in the next few months? Then it is essential that you create a savvy and detailed content calendar to stay organized and sane. While creating interesting and thought-provoking content is king, having a daily content calendar to manage all your mini PR and digital marketing tasks and deliverables is queen!

Interesting and beautiful content that…

1) entertains

2) educates or

3) promotes

…is essential to creating brand awareness and customer/fan loyalty. Producing and promoting great content is also a great way to get featured in the media! BUT, in order to keep yourself sane and organized, one of the most important PR/marketing assets you could have is a content calendar.

We’ve personally seen a client’s content calendar at Savory PR increase and optimize our effectiveness and focus by 300%. A content calendar will also help you or the PR agency you are currently working be more strategic when planning and implementing/managing your PR and/or social media marketing or digital marketing campaigns.

Remember: don’t just aimlessly post photos… have a content and digital marketing strategy clearly defined with your target audience, key messages, time frame, best platforms and great pieces of content to support these sectors of your strategy.

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