Public Relations: Understanding Persuasion Will Help You Achieve a Successful PR Campaign Launch

The goal of public relations is to effectively communicate with your target audience and influence their thoughts, feelings and actions. Creating interesting and visually appealing content that effectively gets across your brand’s key messages and stories should be the top priority of your communications programming. Using interesting messaging and positioning that persuades your clients or customers to evolve their thoughts on your company and industry is an absolute must. The keyword here is persuade.

Persuasion is defined as the process by which a person’s attitudes or behaviors are, without duress, influenced by communications from other people. 

The concept of persuasion is an important intangible communication method to understand and master because it will ultimately help in one’s personal and professional life. The infamous philosopher Aristotle broke down persuasion into three methods, which include truth, logic and reason. Commonly known as Logos (Logic), Pathos (Emotions) and Ethos (Credibility or Ethical Appeal).

In journalism and communication programs in various universities and colleges across the world, these three modes of persuasion are taught as the core of communications, advertising and marketing programs. In general, people care about and appeal to emotions, logic and honesty. It’s important for business owners, social media influencers and brands alike to understand these communication basics before they even think about creating and launching a PR plan to the world.

Once you grasp the various modes of persuasion, then it’s time to start planning and taking strategic actions that will ultimately lead to persuading your target audience and growing your brand or business. You can be proactive and work with an experienced digital marketing and PR agency like ours ( to help you develop creative and. savvy PR and digital marketing campaigns for your product, service, event or news announcement.

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