How PR Can Drive Exponential Business Growth

Public relations can help drive exponential business growth for new and well established brands, but a cohesive and creative program needs to be developed and implemented over several months to see remarkable results.  A truly diverse and comprehensive PR & digital marketing program is the best way to drive real results. Whether it’s brand awareness, grassroots brand ambassador promotion, reputation positioning and credibility, online sales, social media mentions or website traffic, a strategic public relations program can help a brand grow its bottom line. Knowing which PR or digital marketing levers to pull is why many brands work with outside PR and marketing agencies like Savory PR. With the explosion of generative AI in digital marketing & PR programming, now is a special time in the business world to lead the forefront in how customers engage with different brands. Understanding consumer buying behaviors and purchasing decision making is an essential component to developing and implement a seamless and savvy marketing & PR program that delivers real results.

By taking a holistic marketing & PR approach to our client’s campaigns, we can develop integrative programs that support a brand’s business goals and drive real growth. No longer are the days of simple press release writing and distribution– our innovative PR & digital marketing programs include traditional and non-traditional digital media channels paired with podcast features, paid and organic social media media marketing, influencer activations, content creation and much more. Once a thought-provoking strategy is launched on a national or global scale, our agency evaluates all activity and reports the effects on ROI to ensure our brands are thriving.

Clearly defining goals and what success looks like is beneficial for both a client and a PR agency like Savory PR.

One of the biggest goals of a proactive public relations program is increasing a brands visibility and growing its brand awareness in a positive manner. This encompasses building consumer attention, trust and authenticity in a brand’s chosen industry. Securing positive earned media placement in regional and national media outlets is one of the best ways to establish credibility, trust and authority for a new or seasoned brand. It is also a great way to generate buzz and establish a strong brand voice. It’s important that Search Engine Optimization is a major goal– every brand has to play the SEO game with Google. And social media testimonies and posts play across various channels plays a critical role in building a positive and trustworthy brand online and in the minds of consumers. This is where adding an influencer marketing strategy to the overall PR & Marketing program is key. At Savory PR, we work with thousands of influencers in a variety of sectors to help brand’s tell their stories and promote innovative products or services. Message positioning and story development can be done collaboratively with a brand and a creative PR agency, but making sure to share those unique stories and talking points via earned media, social media mentions and influencer marketing is key to achieving great results.

Positive brand visibility and awareness plays a key role in gaining consumer trust and this is often done by promoting authentic, powerful and succinct stories that appeal to the emotions of a target audience. Brands and company’s often choose to work with a creative PR agency to develop and launch an interesting PR stunt, product launch or press conference, which will ultimately build creditability and dominate news headlines and the overall news cycle.

If you or your brand or business are ready to elevate your brand with a proactive public relations & digital marketing program, our team here at Savory PR would love to connect with you and work together! To schedule a complimentary phone consultation, please email us at

Savory PR is a boutique, full-service PR & Digital Marketing agency specializing in public relations and digital marketing for tech, financial, culinary, fashion, beauty entertainment, real estate and lifestyle clients. We work with new and established company’s to strategically position brands through creative publicity and marketing programs. We help our clients tell powerful stories that are persuasive, intriguing and ultimately establish credibility, trust and an overall positive reputation. Savory PR also offers event planning services and creative brand activation services; the agency approaches PR, marketing and events from am holistic perspective and in turn, also offers brand development, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, influencer marketing, graphic design and content creation services. To set up a complimentary consultation, please email Make sure to follow Savory PR in Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for regular company and client updates.

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