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Are you a small business owner working on your own public relations and digital marketing efforts, with a fixed budget? Don’t fret– We have a wide variety of services options that are cost-efficient and reliable, allowing you to work smarter, not harder, for your growing startup. From mini media training and pitching sessions to media list access, work with Savory PR to optimize your efforts while remaining within budget. Gain access to top media personalities and journalists at all the television, radio, print and online media outlets including ABC News New York, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, News1, News
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Key Features of a PR Campaign And Why You Should Work With a PR Agency

Public relations is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to grow a brand or business, but so often, because it is an intangible thing that is isn’t physical and comes down to the views and perceptions of a specific audience, some business owners and brands overlook the power of PR. PR ultimately has the power to change people’s opinions, behaviors and buying power. Look at great businesses and they usually have a loyal fan or customer base who buys or supports them because of their company values and personal stories and connections. This can be done via a strategic
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8 Tips to Proactive Media Relations

Media relations is an important part of any public relations program. Proactively conducting media relations should be something any good publicist or public relations agency does on a regular basis. One of this biggest benefits of PR agencies are their long-standing relationships with media professionals and media relations tactics. Good PR professionals know what journalists need to write great stories and know how to get their attention. If you are unfamiliar with public relations, media relations may be a new concept. But it is important to understand it is essential to achieving successful publicity for your product, service or brand. Whether
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