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Key Features of a PR Campaign And Why You Should Work With a PR Agency

Public relations is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to grow a brand or business, but so often, because it is an intangible thing that is isn’t physical and comes down to the views and perceptions of a specific audience, some business owners and brands overlook the power of PR. PR ultimately has the power to change people’s opinions, behaviors and buying power. Look at great businesses and they usually have a loyal fan or customer base who buys or supports them because of their company values and personal stories and connections. This can be done via a strategic
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Why Elon Musk is the PR Genius of the Twenty-First Century

Public relations and publicity stunts have significantly evolved since the days of Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum, the original publicity showman of the 1800’s whom sadly used publicity tactics and event planning to attract attention to his traveling circus of exotic (and enslaved) animals. While it makes us sad that he exploited people and exotic animals for profits, there are several lessons to learn from Mr. Barnum when it comes to the mastery of public relations and publicity stunts. Back then when there was no instant form of communication let alone Smartphones and Twitter, wild circus shows with fire flames, little people
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Why You Need Earned Media To Grow and Scale Your Business

If you have a new business or brand that currently has minimal visibility or credibility, one of the best ways to get in front of the right audience and establish trustworthiness is through third-party endorsements. Specifically, endorsements via the media, small and top-tier media outlets, can increase your brand’s reach and help get people positively talking about your product, service or message. When you read about a new brand, business or public figure in the media, a variety of proactive actions are generally taken by a savvy public relations agency or PR consultant in order to achieve that press.  A proactive
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